2012 Liquidity

Enjoy our 2012 vices and such here.

2012 Beers of the Week

Please check out our monthly State of the Hops Address, which covers a different North Carolina Brewery, by Our Official Beer Guru C. Jay Platt — 1.4.12, 2.1.12, 3.7.12, 4.4.12, 5.2.12, 9.5.12, 10.3.12, 11.7.12, and 12.5.12.

2012 Coffees of the Week

Date Drink Description TLD Perks*
12.26.12 Hot White Chocolate A pure white, flavorful cup of hot chocolate. 4.5
12.19.12 Cup o’ Christmas A meaty, thick full bodied cappuccino with various Christmas spices. 3.5
12.12.12 Snickers Latte A warm latte with light notes of Snickers candy bar. 4.5
12.5.12 Chocolate Tiramisu Delicious tiramisu chocolate in liquid latte form! 3.5
11.28.12 Gingerbread Spice Latte A latte with that backyard Moravian gingerbread spice. 4
11.21.12 4
11.14.12 Banana Fosters Latte A latte with faint hints of banana. 4
11.7.12 Coconut Mocha A mocha latte with light notes of coconut. 4
10.31.12 Moravian Cookie Latte A delectable, sweet latte with a warm Moravian cookie flavor. 4
10.24.12 Iced Irish Creme Latte A latte on the rocks complete with a nice touch of Irish creme. 3.5
10.17.12 White Chocolate Cherry Cappuccino A warm blend of white chocolate with subtle notes of cherry. 4
10.10.12 Hot Apple Cider A spicy blend of fresh, hot cider with hints of pumpkin spices. 4
10.3.12 Pumpkin Latte A soft, flavorful latte chalk-full of pumpkin spices. 5
9.26.12 Chocolate Hazelnut Caramel Frappuccino A frappuccinno blended with the best flavors imaginable. 5
9.19.12 Caramel Apple Cappuccino A cappuccinno dominated with caramel with light notes of apple. 4
9.12.12 Iced Caramel Chai Latte A caramel flavored Chai latte 4
9.5.12 Almond Joy A rich chocolate iced frappuccino 5
8.29.12 n/a @ Sticks & Stones for GSOTweetup
8.22.12 n/a @ Finnigan’s Wake
8.15.12 n/a No Coffee this week.
8.8.12 TBD
8.1.12 TBD
7.25.12 n/a @ King’s Crab Shack
7.18.12 Traditional Macchiato 2 Shots of Espresso with a dollop of foamed milk. (Shot) 3
7.11.12 The Cortado (Spain) 2 Shots of Espresso added to steamed, extra fluffy milk 4
7.4.12 The James Bond Iced Latte; shaken, not stirred. 3
6.27.12 Hurricane Katrina Mocha Frappuccino with Hazelnut and 2 Espresso shots. 5
6.20.12 White Mocha Raspberry Frappuccino A raspberry flavored frappuccino. 4
6.13.12 Cocoa Mocha Frappuccino Frappuccino with Almond Joy Flavor. 4
6.6.12 Italian Soda A lethal combination of Perrier and Cherries. 3.5
5.30.12 Banana Fosters Avogado Vanilla ice cream, bananas, and espresso. 5
5.23.12 n/a @ TLD East in Greensboro
5.16.12 Caramel Macchiato From Macchiato meaning “mark” or “stain” best selling drink in the U.S., espresso on top 5
5.9.12 Leche y Leche Milk and cream, but bold flavor. 4
5.2.12 Vietnamese Coffee Espresso and an espresso shot on ice. 4
4.25.12 n/a No Coffee – Tim’s Recovery
4.18.12 Funky Cold Medina Chocolate syrup and mocha for a dessert-like beverage. 5
4.11.12 Cafe Noisette (France) Espresso and cream. 1.5
4.4.12 Cafe Con Leche (Cuba) Espresso, scalded milk, and sugar. 4
3.28.12 Flat White (New Zealand) Steamed milk (microfoam) poured over espresso. 3.5
3.21.12 n/a @ Bob’s Big Gas Subs & Pub
3.14.12 Shamrock Java Shakes Java flavored milkshake with fresh ice cream. 4
3.7.12 Wiener Melange (Austria) A rich, but sweet espresso. 3.5
2.29.12 n/a @ TLD East in Greensboro
2.22.12 Spicy Mayan Mocha A secret spice mix with coffee. 5
2.15.12 Straight-up Latte Simply put – espresso and steamed milk. 3.5
2.8.12 White Chocolate Toffee A sweet chocolate and toffee mocha. 4.5
2.1.12 Caramel Latte A faint taste of caramel with a great coffee taste. 4
1.25.12 Cocoa Mocha Chocolate mocha with a hint of coconut flavor. 4.5
1.18.12 n/a @ Barnhill’s
1.11.12 Simple Mocha A decadent, light dessert coffee. 4.5
1.4.12 n/a @ City Beverage

* = The average rating among Brian, Tim, Eugene, and guest(s) of the show, rounded to the nearest 1/2 perk.

2012 Wines of the Month

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