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The Less Desirables is a weekly podcast by Tim Beeman, Eugene Sims and Caitlin Weaver, recorded every Wednesday. We cover an expansive array of topics, featuring movies, new music, TV, the latest sports news, technology, all washed down with a “Beer of the Week.” The idea is to give our audience a recap of the previous week’s news, while simultaneously previewing the upcoming week. We have a local, North Carolina flavor geared towards a national audience, but we never lose sight of our community.  Check out our weekly shows in the “Podcasts” section, or you can download any and all of our podcasts for free on iTunes, Stitcher, Podcast Pickle, and Podfeed.


The Less Desirables, a pun on both the hosts themselves and the method to obtain the podcast material, scrape the scintillating news that falls under the mainstream radar.  Today, with corporate media continuously pursuing the hottest story, The Less Desirables’ goal is not to be in the national news race.  Through quality reporting with humor sprinkled in, our objective is to promote the people and organizations that are making a difference on both the local and national platforms regardless of their fame.

You can also follow The Less Desirables through our various social media links and blogs.  However, it begs the question

Is it Wednesday yet?

Tim Nolan from Sutler’s Spirits and Nick Badgio of a lot of things

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Latest Podcast

September 2nd - Tim Nolan & Nick Badgio

Tim and Nick hung out with Caitlin and the boys:

  • Tim talks Netflix and reviews his Movie of the Week, The Machinist.
  • Eugene has the latest in TV premieres and cancellations.
  • TC from Fan Interference gives you the latest sports headlines.
  • New music,  and the song titled, “No Crying in Baseball” by Mothers.
  • Your Beer of the Week is Oktoberfest by Paulaner Brewing Company.

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